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What is in the Employment Kit?
The Career Power Skills Employment Kit helps you search careers, create resumes, cover letters, print, and online web portfolios all with one book.

The Career Power Skills Employment Kit utilizes print and digital learning and production tools:

140 page, step-by-step full color textbook published by Pearson Education, with online access card to the companion website.

A companion book website with career tools, which includes e-learning modules, digital videos, and Custom Microsoft Word templates for portfolios, resumes, and cover letters.

Direct Access to Unlimited Free web hosting accounts at and the PortfolioVillage Web SiteMaker with graphic design tools for creating a stunning, professional web portfolio or website.

Designed for College and High School Students in Career Skills Classes
A Tested Textbook
College and High School Instructors use the Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a textbook in career education courses and seminars, and as a main text or as a pragmatic supplemental text for hands-on career exercises and projects.

Published by a trusted name in education, Pearson, and used in undergraduate curriculum at St. John’s University, the textbook has chapter learning objectives, self-branding exercises, and step-by-step technical instruction that clearly guides students through the career skills process from research through career communication documents and creation of career-focused print and online portfolios.

A Career Counselor Resource
Career Counselors in High School and College use the Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a curriculum based tool to assist students in the creation of effective career documents.

A Career Literacy Tool for Academic and Public Libraries
Library Patrons can utilize the Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a reserve item inside the library using their laptop or a library workstation, or they can check it out of the library and work at home on their computers. The educational website and all its resources can be set up for access through the Library system website to provide a valuable career literacy resource to the community.

A Practical Graduation Gift and Sponsorship Giveaway
Give graduating students a gift with real value to them as they begin their careers. Use The Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a giveaway gift for graduations, or at fund-raisers, sponsorships, career fairs, PTA Events, and book fairs. Contact Us to learn more.











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